Clouds in My Coffee Part 2 - Freddy Brown
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Careful with your camera, Facebook may be watching

Facebook has built its highly profitable social network off its users, selling advertisements based on their ages, interests and other details. But the scrutiny over the company’s vast trove of personal data — following a report that a political consulting firm had improperly obtained information of 50 million users — is taking direct aim at that lucrative formula.

The F.T.C. investigation is connected to a settlement the agency reached with Facebook in 2011 after finding that the company had told users that third-party apps on the social media site, like games, would not be allowed to access their data. But the apps, the agency found, were able to obtain almost all personal information about a user.

You don't need to wear a tinfoil hat to believe that the CIA is using Facebook to some degre., Twitter, Google and other social media are known to spy on individuals. That's because the CIA publishes a helpful list of press releases on all the social media ventures it sponsors, via its technology investment arm In-Q-Tel.